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    Dongming Petrochemical Industrial Zone successfully passed the first batch of chemical industrial parks in Shandong

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    In June 26, 2018, the general office of the Shandong provincial government issued a list of the first batch of chemical industrial parks and specialized chemical industrial parks. The Dongming Petrochemical Industrial Park was listed in the list. This marks the Dongming Petrochemical Industrial Park in the experience of the park declaration, material audit, on-site verification, the special leadership team research after four strict tests, successfully identified in the history of the most stringent chemical industry park.

    In June 2017, the provincial transformation issued the notice on the immediate implementation of eight specific measures for the immediate implementation of the special action for the transformation and upgrading of the safety production of the chemical industry. This means that the chemical park can not be identified as the Dongming base planning project will not be approved by the government departments, can not be implemented, the chemical industry park is identified as the future development of the Dongming base.

    The Dongming base planning and Engineering Department has taken the initiative to follow up the policy formulation of the chemical industry park. Through various channels, we should take the lead in obtaining the method of identifying chemical industry park and the draft of standard interpretation, studying the strategy of Dongming base declaration, and launching the enterprise to conscientiously carry out self-examination and self correction. After the provincial government issued the interpretation of the methods and standards for the identification of chemical industrial parks, the leadership of the base and the Ministry of planning and engineering actively communicate with the county government and the relevant authorities to promote the work of the government departments. The Dongming base holds a special meeting of the park every day to coordinate the solution of the existing problems and to formulate a division of responsibilities and assessment methods to complete the project within a limited time. The Dongming base has taken the initiative to act as an ultra high standard and has undertaken the work of the government departments to further improve its efficiency. After the first time the declaration materials were submitted to the provincial and municipal departments, the Dongming base planning and the Ministry of Engineering actively communicated and coordinated, so that the declaration materials were successfully passed through the audit.

    In March 27, 2018, the -28 day provincial chemical industry park found that the expert group reviewed the identification materials and site of the Dongming Petrochemical Industrial Park. According to the "measures for the identification and management of Shandong Chemical Industrial Park", 8 members of the group of experts were divided into 6 special conditions, such as necessary conditions, planning and layout, public infrastructure, safe birth, environmental protection, economic development and so on. The expert group agreed that the Dongming Petrochemical Industrial Park was in accordance with the necessary conditions for the identification of the park, the layout of the plan was reasonable, the infrastructure of the safety and environmental protection was perfect and the economic index was good. After the on-site inspection, the Dongming base planning and engineering department actively coordinated the government departments and the internal departments of the organization to complete the problems, and reported to the provincial authorities and the experts group in Ji'nan to report the problems.

    In May 16, 2018, the first batch of 32 chemical industrial parks and 1 specialized chemical industrial parks were published. In June 26th, the office of the people's Government of Shandong officially announced the list of the first batch of chemical industrial parks and specialized chemical industrial parks. At this point, the Dongming Petrochemical Industrial Park was successfully identified by the Shandong Chemical Industrial Park.

    Dongming Petrochemical Industrial Park through the successful identification, for the group in Dongming base for the implementation of the follow-up planning projects to provide space, and is conducive to the group to strive for land indicators, environmental capacity and other resources. It will provide a strong guarantee for the group to develop chemical industry and elongate the industrial chain.

    The first partIn July 2nd, the enlargement of the democratic life of the Dongming petrochemical group Party committee will be held in the conference room on the 12 floor

    The second partRecently, the national chemical industry vocational skills appraisal guidance center expert inspection and acceptance of "Dongming Petrochemical Vocational skills appraisal station" training equipment

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